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roundpeg hosts 60 minute free webinars on the last Thursday of each month. They provide an overview of the technology, rather than the hands-on training experience of our classroom and e-learning training. These webinars are a great way to introduce new folks to base concepts or help with approvals for training budgets.



Premiere CC with Maxim Jago

Master Trainer, film maker and author Maxim Jago presents some of the hottest new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with tips on editing best practice and smart workflows to integrate Adobe After Effects and Adobe SpeedGrade into every day post-production.



TCS 5 - 5 reasons your boss will want to upgrade

Adobe TCS guru Matt Sullivan will tour the new features of TCS 5 including Robohelp 11 and FrameMaker 12. Learn five reasons that you can present to your boss about why upgrading to TCS 5 makes sense. Matt is an Adobe certified instructor in all the applications that make up Technical Communication Suite 5. He speaks regularly at tech comm conferences around the country, and helps tech comm folks create and publish rich interactive content.


Migrating to the Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe® has moved from the Creative Suite™ to the Creative Cloud™ (CC) next generation tools. CC includes hundreds of all-new features. With Creative Cloud, your creative world is synced and organized for you across multiple devices. Track comments posted to shared files, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance®, manage your fonts, download the latest product updates, and more.

Build and publish websites, mobile sites, iPad apps, and other content for any medium or device. You can even create a customized portfolio with ProSite, included free with your paid membership. With Creative Cloud, you have all the tools and services you need to share whatever you create with an audience of hundreds, thousands, or even millions.



Captivate 7 New Feature Tour

Join roundpegTV for the hottest new features of Captivate 7, including new Drag-and-drop components, Enhanced accessibility support and HTML5 support for Microsoft PowerPoint.



Responsive Design | Webinar

Responsive Design is a huge buzz word in the tech industry today. Many people want to develop their websites and Apps to be responsive, but few have a true handle on what that means. Join us at this roundpegTV webinar for an overview of what Responsive Design is, what it involves (both programmatically and design-wise) and what are the limitations.

  • Desktop vs. Mobile Experience
  • Responsive architecture
  • The ingredients
  • A flexible, grid-based layout
  • Flexible images and media
  • Media queries
  • Ultimately: Know thy users' goals


App Development Workflow

Get an overview of the 4 phases (and pain-points) involved in designing, developing and deploying mobile & web applications. This course was developed by a lead architect for several major corporations, who documented his thought process, mapped out pitfalls and variables in the App development process and streamlined the delivery.

  • 4 Phases and Issues (Introduction)
  • Kickoff meeting goals
  • Design phase process
  • Development cycle requirements
  • QA cycles issues
  • The Importance (and necessity) of a Style Guide


Creating EPUB eBooks in InDesign

Unleash the full potential of your publications by converting them to eBooks. The eBook market is exploding, so it’s now more important than ever to learn how to create eBooks. We’ll show you how to export an InDesign document or book file as an eBook that can be read on a computer, smartphone, or dedicated eBook reader. Along the way, you’ll learn a ton of tips and tricks for properly setting up an InDesign document that can be successfully converted to an eBook. This session is particularly useful for InDesign CS5, 5.5 and 6 users. In this training program, you will learn how to:

  • Export an eBook in the EPUB file format
  • Understand the difference between PDF eBooks and EPUB eBooks
  • Correctly format text for an eBook
  • Optimize images for an eBook
  • Use the Articles panel to determine page ordering
  • Manage sections and chapters with a book file
  • Create a tables of contents
  • Understand what will and what won’t export to an EPUB file.


Creating the "SNL" Effect in Photoshop

Every time I watch Saturday Night Live (SNL) I am impressed by the photos. There are some unique and interesting effects that aren't that difficult to create in Photoshop. Join roundpeg instructor and author of Mastering Photoshop CS6, Kelly McCathran, to see some of her tricks for re-creating the SNL effect.



Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

roundpeg instructor Kelly McCathran show's her favorite tips for Beauty Retouching in Photoshop (any version.) Today she is using CS6, but these tools have been in Photoshop for many years.


eLearning with Adobe Connect

Watch Adobe Press Author, Kelly McCathran in this roundpegTV webinar on eLearning using Adobe Connect. She covers tips & tricks for successful eLearning, uploading PowerPoint (.ppt & .ppx) files for best display and interaction, using Flash (.swf) content, live screen sharing, using pods, creating layouts and much more.



Lightroom 4 Intro

We've managed to get Mikkel Aaland, famed photographer and Lightroom author of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 | Learn by Video to present a Lightroom 4 Intro webinar for roundpegTV.



The Future of Flash Developers

Do you wonder about what’s in store for the future of Flash, especially as concerns HTML 5, mobile platforms, and Adobe’s support of the program?
Hear Kevin Ruse speak about working in Flash, HTML 5 opportunities and what he sees in his crystal ball.



InDesign CS6 for Devices Webinar

Join roundpegTV for the hottest new features of InDesign CS6, creating alternate layouts for publishing to devices, such as the iPad & Android.



After Effects Overview Webinar | roundpegTV

This webinar is a solid overview of the After Effects workspace, panels and tools. You will see how to import photos and video, create masks and animate text. Mark Boscacci, one of our very talented instructors leads the course and handles user questions at the end of the webinar.


Adobe Edge | HTML5 & CSS3 Animation without Code

Adobe Edge preview is a new application that is part of your Creative Cloud & Creative Suite 6 subscription. Edge is powerful, engaging and intuitive tool for creating interactive motion content (as a potential replacement for .swf, Flash, content). Edge writes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript "behind the scenes" in order to animate. Edge consistently displays across all modern browsers, including tablet devices and smartphones (which support much more HTML5 than the average desktop browser.)


Many people ask me, "is Flash going away" and do I need to learn HTML5 to do animation. The answer is no and no (although I do recommend learning why HTML5 is so compelling.) Flash is still very viable for App development and Web content you are creating for Android or Desktop (even if you don't run Flash on your iPhone or iPad, in case you want to you can buy a $3 app called Cloud Browse to see Flash content on iOS devices.)


Adobe MUSE: Create a Website without Code

Muse, a new application from Adobe, makes developing dynamic HTML web sites with robust CSS as easy as designing print layouts. Muse has easy to use master pages, built-in tools for interactivity and more. We will start by creating a sitemap, then add headers, footers and menus, without writing one line of code. Muse has built in integration with Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to tie in social media, videos and maps. Finally, see the round-trip editing of placed Photoshop and Fireworks images, making it a snap to produce distinctive, professional websites.

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